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Bracha Initial Necklaces

These signature initial necklaces are a favorite around here. Comes with a standard 14k gold-plated chain.

Capri Blue Candles

Volcano scent is everyone’s favorite. Best candles ever!

Fuzzy Jackets

Casual and stylish approach to staying cozy & chic this season!!

Rings from Mingle Jewelry

Contemporary yet classic oval rings. This Austin, TX based jewelry designer is one of our favorites.

Circular Mirror

A modern take on a classic design, this mirror will reflect all types of the electromagnetic radiation. Specular and spectral, all in the same package!

Corkcicle Backpacks

Corkcicle just makes things that are cool. This state of the art, high style cooler keeps your hands free and your stuff cold. Great for picnics, music festivals, and more.

Bishop + Young Top

The Hi-Shine top from Bishop + Young, a clothing company based out of Los Angeles. This top is perfect for a holiday party.

Paulownia Wooden Vases

Best served with flowers to brighten up any setting

Corkcicle Bottles

Corkcicle Bottles are a go to gift that everyone loves to receive. Perfect for graduation, birthdays, and holidays.

Marble Cheeseboards

Master the art of giving. Add a bottle of wine and this makes an affordable and perfect hostess gift.


Not for sale but she does hang out in the store quite a bit